Your Natural Vision Improvement Alternative to Glasses – 3 Reasons People Dislike Their Glasses

There is a prevalence in the incidents of vision problems in our American society today. For example, according to the American Vision Council, about 75% of American adults rely on some form of vision improvement method. 64% of the people in this statistic account for individuals who rely on glasses while 11% account for those wearing contact lenses. There are certain conveniences and advantages that come with wearing glasses. Some of these include instant clear eyesight once you put them on and a compliment to your fashion sense in the form of an intelligent appearance to boot. Their use however, comes with inconveniences and hassles that people find annoying. Therefore, here are some reasons people dislike their glasses in addition to why you may want to consider trying a program of eye exercises to improve vision as a viable natural alternative to glasses.

1. Glasses Are Uncomfortable and Inconvenient: One of the things that people have found in terms of their experiences with glasses is the fact that they get occasional headaches and periods of eye strain when wearing them. This level of eye strain actually increases for people who are wearing higher prescription glasses. Additional problems relate to the fact that glasses don’t always fit comfortably on the bridge of the nose requiring the wearer to constantly re-adjust the glasses. People can relate to the frustration and inconvenience related to losing their glasses and panicking when they cannot find them, having developed a relationship of dependence on them that leads to a loss of freedom and visual independence.

2. Glasses Require Maintenance: Another concern relates to the fact that glasses tend to fog up particularly in humid weather conditions. As a result, there is a need to clean them constantly which at times can become quite a nuisance for some people. In bad weather conditions especially when it rains the droplets of water fall on the glasses requiring similar maintenance and cleaning.

3. Glasses are expensive: When you consider the costs of eye exams, frames, and doctor’s visits, glasses can become a financial burden. Another particular concern relates to the fact that after having worn glasses for an extended period of time, you will find that after about every two year period, your vision declines requiring the purchase of a stronger prescription. For example, according to, the estimated cost of eye glasses per year is about $300.00 However, when you put this into perspective in terms of lifetime eye care costs, the expense to your budget adds up significantly. For instance, 15 pairs of glasses for a lifetime at a cost of $240.00 works out to$ 3600.00. A significant amount of money to pay indeed for lifetime eye care costs!

There is a viable alternative to glasses which is a program of eye exercises to improve vision. Glasses are a crutch. Instead of getting to the root cause of your vision problems they simply mask the symptoms. By contrast, an eye exercise program gets to the root cause of your vision problems. In the same way that the muscles of the body need exercise, so do the eye muscles as well. These muscles play a role in rebuilding the foundation upon which your visual system was built. Due to the fact that the eyes are resilient, regardless of the many years of damage that your vision has been subjected to, vision improvement can still occur.

The regular application of these eye exercise techniques increases the focusing power of the eyes, provides eye relaxation techniques that have a soothing effect on the visual system. Thereby relieving eye strain accompanied by headaches.The practice of strengthening the eye muscles with these eye exercise techniques leads to an improvement in accommodation. This is defined as the action of the six external muscles that act upon the eyeball and give the eyes their ability to adapt and adjust so that you can see near and distant objects clearly.

Glasses provide instant clear eyesight but with this advantage rose gold glasses frames comes a series of inconveniences that include added expense to your budget, discomfort during their use and maintenance to name a few. Not to mention the fact that they are a band- aid solution to vision correction problems. By comparison, eye exercises to improve vision get to the root of your vision problems, eliminate stress and tension in the eyes and strengthens the eye muscles. Ultimately, the regular practice of these eye exercise techniques leads to better vision without glasses.